Ways to BE GREAT: Installment 5 (Final Installment)

Here is #81-100…This is the final installment. I’m not sure why it is. I guess 100 is just a good place to stop. If you haven’t already, see Installment 1, 2, 3, 4 so you don’t miss out on anything! 

Okay, so no more movie references; but there are more life lessons…and you guessed it, all are important.  I hope each person that reads these installments have at least implemented something they’ve read into their own training/life. I appreciate all of you who follow my posts…it means the world. Please continue to follow and PLEASE send me feedback. I would love nothing more than to create a post for somebody on a topic that they can appreciate. “Envision it. Be patient. Make it happen.” 

81. Strongman training for athletes is great, but introduce it slowly and choose the right events
82. Strength training can happen with every tool on the market or with NONE
83. PERFECT your trade. Whether you’re in the fitness industry or not, be the best at what you do. Always think, “What can I do now to make myself better at this.” Never settle.
84. Try to get 100 jumps with a jump rope without missing, try 200, 300…
85. Precede every row with a shoulder retraction, makes the exercise 10 x harder and hammers your subscapular muscles–which will take pressure off the rotator cuff muscles.
86. Front squats and zercher squats are BADASS. Think your 400lb back squat was sweet? Try a 225lb front squat on for size. 


87. Knee sleeves and elbows sleeves are more important as you get older. Don’t wear them just to look awesome.
88. Remember, no one cares about your opinion, they only care about their own.
89. Internet comments? Don’t succumb to them. 
90. Do you have a dream? What did you do today to move closer to that dream?
91. Stop taking notes and take action.
92. Do pull-ups with chains
93. Fat Gripz are a great tool. 


94. Interact with other strength coaches in the field, hit them up on their site, email, skype, message in a bottle, Mike Tyson carrier pigeon.
95. Don’t forget to say “thank you”, “yes sir”, “yes ma’am”
96. Power cleans are great with a barbell if they don’t irritate the shoulders and you have good form. If you can’t do them, use dumbbells, sandbags, kettlebells and work on your shoulder and upper back mobility.
97. Watch a lot of tv? Hit push-ups, mobility, foam rolling during the commercials.
98. Watch Bear Grylls and do 20 push-ups every time he eats some weird shit.
99. Chaos training is important. 


100. The torso should be developed to promote stability and resist movement. Don’t just train your core in one plane. 
101. Think about what they’ll say about you when you’re gone? What is your LEGACY?




Move to the beat of your own drum. 



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