Ways to BE GREAT: Installment 4

Here is #61-80…if you haven’t already, see Installment 1, 2, and 3 so you don’t miss out on anything! 

More movie references, more life lessons…all are important. Check out the links to the videos on 63. These movements are something you would never think of doing. Many of our clients have been very successful in fixing range of motion due to, in-part, these exercises. “Envision it. Be patient. Make it happen.” Enjoy.

61. Never forget those who helped you along the way.

62. Push yourself harder than you ever have in your next workout. 

63. Shoulder hurt? Move to a neutral grip for dumbbell exercises, work on upper back mobility (http://freefitnessvideos.com/exercise_detail.php?exerciseID=247), stretch and roll the pec with a tennis ball,  work on trap, serratus and rhomboid activation (http://freefitnessvideos.com/exercise_detail.php?exerciseID=750)

64. Do more than the next guy

65. Sit back on the kettlebell swing, don’t sit down, you have to load the hamstrings, glutes and hips
66. If you have tight pecs, don’t bench
67. Getting more mobile? Don’t forget to strengthen in this new range of motion…flexibility can weaken if strength is not maintained through training

 68. Send flowers unexpectedly

69. Don’t text and drive
70. Quit playing video games…okay, you are allowed “throwback nights” every once in a while with your old gaming buddies
71. Don’t program an exercise or workout unless you know the effects of the exercise or workout. You must know the requirements to perform the exercise correctly. You should be able to explain what you’re doing to an expert and not look like a fool. 
72. If you want to be powerful, use short bouts of high intensity…if you want to increase stamina, use longer bouts with lower weight/intensity
73. Bands and chains are NOT restricted to exercises performed with a barbell

 74. Watch Road House, 23 x

75. Have you ever seen Deer Hunter, Jeremiah Johnson, Apocalypse Now, Scarface, Cool Hand Luke? Classic Man-Flicks

76. Be VERY specific with dreams and goals. Envision it. Be patient. Make it happen. 
77. Check Facebook less frequently.
78. Don’t stop learning. The best coaches always try to get better.
79. Get respect, not money.
80. Spend time on the warm-up, it isn’t a quick arm cross back and forth before benching.

The last 20 coming next week!


Move to the beat of your own drum.


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