Ways to BE GREAT: Installment 3

Here is #41-60…if you haven’t already, see Installment 1 and 2 so you don’t miss out on anything! 

This is a culmination of “Life Lessons” for anyone involved in health and fitness. Hell, these are great for anyone to follow. Some I’ve learned from my mentors, some I’ve discovered by trial and error. But, ALL of them hit home and ALL of them are deeply accurate, in my humble opinion. Stay tuned, many more to come…BE GREAT

41. Stop being negative, instead of “Why don’t I have something?”, say to yourself “Why am I so good at working hard for what I want and achieving my goals?”
42. Don’t worry about other people’s PR’s, set your own
43. Remember, “You are the bouncers, I am the Cooler”


44. Be the best part of someone’s day
45. Squats – hips back, don’t drop them straight down; shins vertical, not over toes
46. Don’t have a prowler, push a 100lb plate across the floor, see Epic line 23
47. Slow down…enjoy it, whatever it is
48. Go to the park and hit some pull-ups and hill sprints


49. Go out and throw some med ball around…yeah, for fun
50. Go to seminars, conferences and clinics
51. Read more fitness articles
52. Train consistently…have a plan
53. Roll on a lacrosse ball and pvc pipe, stop using the white foam roller
54. Watch Pineapple Express 3x
55. More tension equals more strength, take the slack out of the bar before you pull
56. Give when no one is looking
57. Watch Spongebob


58. 1-6 (power), 6-8 (strength), 8-12 (muscle), 12+ (conditioning, endurance) – generally
59. Stop thinking people owe you something
60. Be humble

Installment 4 coming next week. 



Move to the beat of your own drum.



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