Ways to BE GREAT: Installment 2

Here are the next 20 on the list of the ways to be a better human being.

This is a culmination of “Life Lessons” for anyone involved in health and fitness. Hell, these are great for anyone to follow. Some I’ve learned from my mentors, some I’ve discovered by trial and error. But, ALL of them hit home and ALL of them are deeply accurate, in my humble opinion. Stay tuned, many more to come…BE GREAT

21. If your trainer has a skin tight under armour shirt and matching shorts, you’re probably not reeaaally training
22. If you have trap bar deadlifts in your program, don’t neglect the hamstrings
23. You don’t need the fancy equipment to get strong
24. Realize the iPhone is better than the Droid
25. Show your clients/family/friends/kids the way through your actions
26. Don’t let social media comments degrade you…post them for the world to see

27. Get good training partners, training partners that are stronger than you and never lose that desire to get bigger, faster and stronger (S/O to my boy Alex “killa” Thompson)
28. Never stop pushing your body to its limit
29. Be smart and deload every 3-6 weeks (range based on training age)
30. Kinesio-tape, sweet outfits, and the latest fitness trends don’t make you tough. Putting your nose to the grindstone day-in and day-out make you tough.
31. Do more pushups…of all kinds

32. Do more pull-ups…the right way
33. Do more face pulls (use cable machine with the dual rope)
34. Tell your loved ones everyday how much they mean to you in one way or another
35. Kettlebells are great tools, but don’t start throwing them around without watching some professional videos first

36. Tired of planks? Overload them!
37. Don’t skip breakfast…I eat 18 eggs a week. My favorite: Ribeye steak and eggs. Boom. 
38. Agility ladders don’t build leg drive which is required for speed…all they do is leave you with your feet on fire
39. Build your grip strength…use FAT GRIPZ for exercises and you kill 2 birds with 1 stone

 40. Balance your pushing movements with your pulling movements. Having an anterior/posterior imbalance can affect posture and either make you walk like a gorilla, or a turkey.


Happy hunting for your happiness, 



Move to the beat of your own drum.


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