Summertime Fitness



Summer is here. This means there are now no excuses for not getting out and being active on a nice day. No more hibernating, binge eating, and saying the weather is the reason we are gaining weight. We have ALL been there. Our genetic predisposition tells us to stay inside in the winter and eat as much as we can in order to stay warm. Now its time to shed that coat that kept us cozy and go out and get active. 

Who needs a gym when you have a park?

Go to the nearest park with a friend or family member and MAKE UP your own workout! There is no precise workout or lifting techniques that is going to get everyone in shape for bikini/man-kini season. Here’s one: Sprint 60 yards, ten pushups, sprint back 60 yards, 15 body weight squats, rest for 2 minutes. This type of workout can be done on an empty soccer field.  And regardless of how good of shape you are in, I guarantee this workout will toast you after 5 rounds.  Also, the best part about these type of workouts is you can modify the rest periods. If you need more than 3 minutes because its an extra hot day, take it! Just always be sure to have a water jug with you, don’t rely on park district water fountains; as they tend to be either warm or not in working condition. Another great thing about the awesome combo of summer and a big park is that it’s a natural tanning bed and workout gym all in one! AND, it’s free! 

Shout out to my good buddy, Alex, who now doubles as my Sunday workout buddy at the park on the empty soccer field. I think we will call this summer tradition…”Sunday Runday.”  By the way, empty soccer goal structures make a great pull-up bar that will test your grip strength. Your forearms will be pumped up the size of Matt Holliday’s by the end of your session.  

The point is…be creative this season! If you don’t mix it up and get outside of the gym on a really nice day, things can get redundant. Skipping your bicep curls and tricep pulldowns for a good old fashion, rugged sprint workout combined with body weight work will not hurt your physique.  In fact, I ALWAYS find that these type of workouts, especially with a good partner, will burn you more than your total gym workout. I think it has something to do with there being no mirrors to stare at in the park. 

If you’re shy or timid about branching out and heading to the park, don’t be. I program workouts on a daily basis for people of all ages, and if you need one, don’t be shy about asking for one. I take pride in changing workouts every day a client comes in so that things can stay fresh and nothing gets repetitive. If you need a partner to go to the park…the more the merrier when it comes to Sunday Runday! Chances are that if you are reading this post, I am probably already acquainted with you anyway. 

So, this Summer…Party hard, but workout harder. 




Move to the beat of your own drum.


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