Thoughts on Supplements

The supplement world is an extremely lucrative industry. Billion dollar companies are thriving as the supplement world has now grown to have a remedy for just about anything you need. It’s quite ingenious, actually.

Supplements can be extremely controversial and you will find people that claim to be experts either bash them or whole-heartedly endorse them. It’s tough to choose who to believe. 

I have dabbled in the supplement industry for quite some time, and have had both negative and positive experiences. I can tell you that there are several cons, as well several pros to taking supplements. Whether or not you should be taking supplements fully depends on the situation you’re in and what your diet is like.

Starting with the CONS: 1. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA or any other organization, so companies can literally put whatever they want in the bottle and lie on the nutrition label without any consequences.   2.  There have been many people that have died or have had severe complications from using supplements in recent years. I can assure you there are still supplements on the market that have had a part in a death at least once. It gets swept under the rug until thousands of complaints come in floods, then the company takes the product off the market, but there is not enough evidence to pursue a lawsuit.   3.  Hundreds of supplements claim to be giving you something that you aren’t already getting in your diet, when in reality you are already getting plenty of it with normal food. This is actually quite common, so you really need to analyze your diet before diving in so you aren’t throwing money in the trash.  

PROS:  1.  Obviously, there are supplements out there that truly do work. You have to make sure that it’s something you need, and you may see benefits.   2. Some companies will outsource to independent testing companies that will test the supplement in their laboratory and verify that the product is legit and has in it what the label says it does. You can usually find these supplement companies that outsource by searching online.  These are the ONLY companies you should ever buy from. I can give you a hint that most companies that GNC and Complete Nutrition buy from, are not ones that are tested.  This is because these companies want maximum profit, and the legit supplement companies charge too much.  Everyone has to make a profit, and these companies have to charge more due to paying to have their products tested.    

Supplements are just that…a SUPPLEMENT to your diet. They are not THE diet. Supplements will only provide you with noticeable benefits if you have a good diet. I can also assure you that there is never any magic pill and quick fix for anything. Exercise, physical activity, and nutrition are always the first things that have to go right in order to see benefits. Don’t just buy something because it says it’s going to do something for you that you want. Do your research and analyze your diet before buying anything. If you just wander on into a supplement store, they will reel you in and promise you benefits and you will end up disappointed in the end if you didn’t do all the other things right. Been there, done that! 

In my honest opinion, I would only recommend supplements to someone who has the right diet and wants to achieve the absolute most out of their body. Others that don’t really care about maximal performance and just want to get fit or lose weight, I would do it the natural way; at least in the beginning.  There is a lot of information out there and a lot of deceptions, rumors, and myths on supplements. I do not know everything, but feel free to follow up with any questions you may have, as I know I have not covered everything possible. 

Have a healthy week!



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