New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

There are tons of new year’s resolutions out there that are kicking off in a fitness and nutrition fashion. The health clubs are jammed packed, and the fresh markets are getting plenty of business from consumers. Now, we all know 90% of these fitness resolutions will only last a month or two, if that. Why? Unreasonable and irrational goals. A resolution that includes things such as taking bread out of your diet and hitting the gym 6 days a week are things that aren’t going to work unless you are a seasoned fitness guru. 

Instead, make some goals that go step-by-step. The resolution that you make at the beginning of the year doesn’t have to be the same next month. Make the gradual climb to be where you want to be. The biggest mistake people trying to get into shape make is overloading themselves, and then realizing that they are just too wiped out. Thus, fitness becomes evil and something that is associated with pain. If you have not been physically active in quite some time, working out may be very uncomfortable at first, especially aerobic exercise. Trust me, it gets better and if you take it step by step, eventually it becomes a release and something you can’t wait to do. A couple of years ago, aerobic exercise was not in my vocabulary and I thought I could do without it. WRONG. I was becoming overweight because all I was doing was hitting the weights and eating whatever I wanted. Cardio changed my world. Hell, I ran 4 miles this morning and it was 15 degrees out. Make yourself some realistic goals TODAY and change your world. You don’t necessarily need a gym membership! I worked out at home with two pairs of dumbbells, a yoga mat and block, a resistance band, and my two feet. I eliminated certain eating habits, got off protein powder and onto the right Advocare supplements, and lost 30lbs in 90 days using P90X. Those 12 DVDs were my new year’s resolution, and it changed everything for me. 

Here are some reasonable starting new year’s resolutions:

– limit yourself to 1 soda/day or stop buying soda altogether (you will be AMAZED at changes that come when you drop soda)

– get 30 min of physical activity everyday (this can be anything that includes movement!)

– lift 1-2 times a week (women need to lift weights, too!…building muscle increases all metabolisms!)

– walk/jog/run 2-3 times a week (where you start can depend on where you are now with your fitness level)

– cut out simple things that are BAD for you (chips, hot dogs, candy, fast food)

– start buying fruit and including one vegetable when you decide to cook at home

As said before, these can and should increase as the year goes on. If you do little things like this, you will not be disappointed. I didn’t ultimately shed 40+ lbs, increase muscle mass, and lower blood fats by taking a pill and sitting on my butt playing video games. EARN IT!


Move to the beat of your own drum.


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